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Custom Product Labels for Food, Beverages & FMCG Products

For branding that is simple, effective and affordable, labels offer versatility and a professional finish for a product that stands out on the shelves. We offer a range of packaging labels, from self-adhesive to wrap-around, to get your product the attention it needs.

Take a look at the different options available and speak to one of our experienced team members to determine which type is right for your business and your unique product range:

Self-Adhesive Labels

The Van Dyke Press can produce reel-fed self-adhesive labels custom product labels for almost any application using the latest printing technologies and a full range of substrates:931429170g

  • Paper
  • Synthetics – white, clear or metallised
  • Gloss or matte
  • Scuff resistant finishes
  • Die cutting, laminating, foil stamping, all handled in-house

Glue Applied, Cut & Stacked Labels

Glue applied, cut & stacked custom product labels are a major form of labelling for the food & beverage industries.

The Van Dyke Press can offer a full range of papers and synthetic substrates suitable for cans, PET or glass, producing high quality graphics to square or die cut labels suitable for high-speed filling machines.greeneggsolives

Wrap-Around Labels

These are used widely in the beverage industry, The Van Dyke Press provides wrap-around custom product labels on a range of substrates; white, clear or metallised. Finished goods are provided as either roll-fed or cut & stacked.

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