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Heat Sealable Lidding

Heat Sealable Die Cut Lidding

All printing and finishing processes are carried out in-house in our Sydney facility. The experienced and customer-focused team at The Van Dyke Press can help you select the appropriate material to achieve your barrier and seal strength requirements, ensuring that your product is appropriately sealed. Ourteam has access to a large range of lidding structures that will seal to most food and beverage containers. Having an in-depth understanding of aluminium die cut lidding and heat sealable materials the team will make the right recommendations and aid you in your manufacturing processes. Heat sealable Lidding Our materials include Aluminium, PET, PET laminates, and paper/ PE laminates. These materials are offered in a range of pre-cut and roll stock lidding structures for sealing to PP, PS, PET and CPET containers.

Die Cut or Pre-Cut Lidding

All is embossing and die cutting is performed in-house to customer specifications.Aluminium1 Reel Fed Lidding can be manufactured using almost any structure to suit your requirements. Using either sheet-fed offset or roll to roll flexographic printing, the Van Dyke Press has the flexibility to print up to 8 colours for heat sealable products. All finishing processes are completed in-house including the varnishing, guillotining, die cutting, embossing, laminating and the foiling. By keeping all these operations in-house, we have total control of the consistency and quality of our die cut lidding and roll stocks, so our customers are guaranteed the highest quality, delivered every time.  

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