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Greener Energy in Sight

The Van Dyke Press is proud to say it is now powered by the sun. A 100kW system is now in operation on the roof of The Van Dyke Press’ Sydney facility producing over 30% of their electricity requirements and saving over 50,000kg of CO2 emissions annually. The latest step toward creating a more sustainable future is already starting to feel a little less impossible.

The new 100kW solar panel system at The Van Dyke Press

The Responsible packaging that The Van Dyke Press produces is made up of In Mould Labels (IML) and Aluminium die cut yoghurt lids, which are post-consumer recyclable in Australia.

“With over 90% of our finished products being recyclable, most of our waste is sorted by type and sent for recycling, our environmental and sustainability goals are clear. Reducing our carbon footprint was an obvious next step and this solar installation helps us to achieve that”, General manager Will Tompson said.

Being a 24 hour operating factory, Van Dyke can’t be completely powered by the sun, but it’s a small part in helping reach their 2030 emissions targets. Their whole team is energised by the steps they are taking to be better corporate citizens.

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